Heirloom, Handmade, Hardwood Chess Board "Chocolate"


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Heirloom Chess Board – Chocolate

This handmade solid hardwood chess board made by Master Craftsman Ken Ewell is made of all natural woods; any imperfections in the wood are the character of the wood that has been revealed during crafting and are not flaws. Because of the nature of woods and the combination of three unique types of wood in this Chess board, this board may expand and contract throughout the years based on changes in temperature and humidity.

This chess board has Winter White Maple hardwood for the light squares. It has Midnight Black Walnut borders between the squares. The Dark squares are Chocolate Mahogany as is the outside border of the Chess board.

The board is approximately 23 1/8” square by ¾” thick. The Squares are 2 1/8”.

Care Instructions

Modern Woodworking is finished with a variety of materials, from traditional lacquer to modern polyurethanes and polyester resins. Whatever the material, the finish is designed to protect the wood from dirt and liquid spills, reduce the damaging effects of humidity changes, and — in the case of clear finishes — enhance the beauty of the wood.Modern finishes are designed to do their job without the additional aid of polishes or waxes. In most cases, the finish is best maintained by simply keeping it clean and avoiding exposure to direct sunlight, extremes of temperature and humidity, and abrasion.
1. Avoiding Finish Damage: Your Chess board, like all woodwork, is subject to expansion and contraction with humidity changes. Excessive wood movement can eventually cause the finish to develop tiny cracks and even separate from the wood. Moderating the temperature and humidity swings around the woodwork will help to preserve its finish as well as its overall structure.

To prevent scratches, never set objects on your woodwork without a soft cloth or felt pad. Never place plants or drinks on wood, because spillage and condensation can cause major damage.

2. Dusting Your Chess Board: Dust is very abrasive, and can scratch the finish if wiped off with a dry cloth. To avoid scratching, dust the Chess board lightly with a feather duster. Alternatively, wipe lightly with a soft damp cloth to pick up the dust, followed immediately with a dry cloth. The cloths should be soft cotton such as flannel, because coarse or synthetic fabrics can scratch some finishes. Wring out the damp cloth thoroughly so it leaves no visible moisture on the surface. To avoid creating swirl marks, always wipe with long straight strokes rather than circular motions. Wipe with the grain for natural wood finishes.

3. Cleaning the Finish: To remove smudges and fingerprints, first dust using the damp/dry cloths as above. If heavier cleaning is necessary, dampen your cloth with a small amount of mild soap solution. A common product is Murphy’s Oil Soap, available at most grocery and hardware stores.

4. To polish or not?: Before using polish on your Chess board, be sure it is actually necessary and beneficial. In general, most manufacturers recommend against using polishes because of the potential for damage the finish.

Common household products such as “lemon oil” or inexpensive “furniture polish” should be avoided. Despite the labels’ claims that they “protect” the finish or “feed” the wood, they offer no protection from scratching and can actually soften the finish if over-used. Worse, they often contain silicones and oils that contaminate the wood, complicating future refinishing or repairs. Silicone is especially dangerous because of its tendency to spread within the wood grains, sometimes causing extensive internal damage.

An appropriate polish can help to restore luster to a dulled finish or reduce the tendency of some finishes to show fingerprints. However, it should be applied sparingly and infrequently, and all excess should be wiped clean with a soft dry cloth so no visible film remains. To prevent scratching, always dust before polishing.


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