2017 Deluxe Burgle Bros board game collapsible tower for organizing cards and tiles during gameplay


This card tower is designed specifically for the Burgle Bros board game. It includes 3 floors and the Helicopter Pad. The floors hold the room tiles, the walls, a spot for the Patrol deck and Patrol deck discard, plus a spot for one of the three sets of Loot, Tool, or Event cards. The floors are 1/4" thick and measure approximately 14" x 18" The floors are also etched with A-D, and 1-4 for easy reference on where the Security Guard is moving to.

The tower is supported by 8 interlocking supports made up of 1/4" Baltic Birch. These supports are very sturdy and make for a very stable tower because they interact with the floors themselves to keep anything from moving.

This is an update to our previous design. A few tweaks for 2017 include.
The tower is shorter, the top of the third floor is now only 19 1/4" tall.
The finger holes to pop up the tiles are 3/4" instead of 1" and have been moved to the left corner of the tile to make it harder to see what the tile is were someone inclined to try to cheat.
The bottom four feet are taller to make it easier to get large hands under the bottom board.
The leg supports have been redesigned to be more streamlined for easier setup and breakdown.

This tower comes in three finishes.

The first is the natural birch finish. It is sanded but unsealed, you will need to stain, paint or seal it as you choose.

The second is the natural birch sanded and sealed with a single coat of polyurethane for durability.

The third is a two tone walnut stain. The top layer of each floor is stained with a walnut stain, the bottom layer of each floor is left the natural birch color, the helipad and the support legs and sanded but unstained. The entire set is sealed with a single coat of polyurethane for durability.

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This unit does not come with a copy of Burgle Bros.cost back to you.


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