10 Chore wooden chart with 10 Reward spots for up to 7 children


This plaque is intended for you to use in communicating to children (or adults if need be) who has what chore to do and also what reward is given for satisfactory completion of said chore.

I designed the plaque because we have 7 kids from ages 2 to 17. Every child except the 2 year gets a daily chore to do. My wife uses a reward system based on marbles. Complete a task, get a certain amount of marbles as a reward, use the marbles to buy rewards off of a common shopping list of awards available to the children.

This plaque uses dry erase spaces made out of white acrylic to list the children's names across the top, the chores on the left side and the reward on the right side. We like to be able to give the different chores different rewards based on the age of the child performing the chore. For example if the 8 year old has dishes it might be worth 3 marbles, if the 17 year old has dishes it might only be worth 2 marbles to do dishes.

The plaque itself is 17" x 17" x 1/4" thick. The white spaces are made out of 1/8" white acrylic. It includes either 10 3/8" thick hardwood meeples to form the intersection of what child has which chore. It also has a small shelf that can be used to hold a dry erase marker or any unused meeples. Finally it comes with two legs so that you can stand the plaque up if you don't want to hang it on the wall.

The plaque comes in two finishes. You can get it with a single coat of clear polyurethane or you can get it sanded but unsealed which is perfect for painting or staining to the finish of your choice.

The meeples come sanded but unsealed so that the children can decorate them as they want, or you can paint or stain and finish them as you see fit.

If you have less than 4 kids or more than 7 let me know and I can work up a quote for a custom one. If you want some sort of custom text, let me know on that too.

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